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Testimonials About the Training

  • I decided to explore the massage therapy because my purpose is to help people to take care of their soul and their body. And with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage actually I learnt a lot. It was a really intense week and the particularity of this massage is the way you touch the body in different levels of pressure. The fusion between the touching that comes from Ayurveda and the stretching that come from Yoga together makes this a kind of massage really powerful, for every kind of person, from a yogi person to an old person, to a kid, to younger person, to a lady. It’s a massage completely for everyone!
    What I like is that Naseem teaches how to take care of the body, and to treat the body as a temple, and treat your space like a temple, treat everything in a spiritual way. We are taking care of the body, of the human body, but actually the purpose of this massage is to touch the soul of the person and to make them bright again.
    I deeply suggest you. If you really think that your purpose on this planet is to help people with your hands I think you should really try to do this amazing course with Naseem.

    Rosario Belmonte

    Make Up Artist & Healer (Mumbai, Goa)

  • The technique Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a very interesting massage because it includes the yoga stretches. I do a lot of yoga and the whole massage is a wonderful technique.
    About the course with Naseem actually I like that we did a lot of training regarding our core, being aware of our core, because it makes us able to give a massage over a long time and not being so exhausted.
    What I really like as well is that he is a really patient teacher. Even though he had to say the same things five, six, seven times and we were tired and not listening anymore, he would still say very calm and with a lot of patience.
    I think you have to meet him to know what he is. He is a very special man with a very special approach to this massage. So for me it was a really really good experience.

    Lena Heusser

    Scuba Diving Instructor & Yoga Teacher (Switzerland)

  • I decided when I come up to India I really want to find a good massage course, one that would really work for me. And I enjoy dancing, I enjoy fire spinning and a lot of my life involves a flow state and movement. When I met Naseem I kind of knew it would be a really good course, because I think he is a really good teacher.
    And the way he teaches is … crazy! I never could have predicted it, it was very out there, not something I would expect from a massage course. But it worked really well, and I loved every minute of it. Some days we just spent the all morning dancing around with an apple, and we were doing this for ages and ages, and we would not know why we were doing it. But as we progressed on the course it became more and more clear how important the foundamental steps were. And he would repeat things, over and over again, until we were like ‘yes, we know’…. But then we were doing it and we forgot. And that’s why he repeated and repeated it.
    I think he is a very very good teacher and I can highly recommend doing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage because … is not a massage, is more an enjoyable dance to do on the body.

    Chris Asbury

    Gardener & Fire Artist (London)

  • I impulsively decided to go with this massage course and is some of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is so much more than just a massage. It’s a very holistic massage, treats both the soul, the heart, your core and your body. I really really liked it.
    And Naseem’s approach to this massage is … probably the best. I haven’t tried any other but I would say it’s the best. His methods, teachings, things he says to you are just … They are kind of weird at first but then you get more where is going with all those things and … it’s just amazing.

    Sverre Borgan

    Carpenter (Norway)

  • I’ve done the two days Beginner course with Naseem in Goa. For me this was the first time to take a massage course. I felt really connected with his teaching method mostly because he’s also a dancer and uses the same principles in his approach to bodywork what’s used in dance.
    He’s really committed to bodywork, has a passion for teaching his approach and puts his heart into what he’s offering.
    The 2 days course was enough to cover the basics – back, arms, shoulders – which is already a lot for this short time, but I hope that next time will have the possibility to take the whole 8 days course.
    Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn bodywork.


    Contact Dancer (Goa)

  • Naseem has trained the entire staff of therapist of our wellbeing company. There’s a wellbeing center at our place, facilitator for corporates workers. We knew Naseem as a therapist, a wonderful therapist doing Ayurveda and Yoga Massage – which goes very deep into the body and releases very very deep stress and tension – and finally we got to train our therapists in a wonderful training. A week of very intense training and we can see the result, and we can incorporate this technique of massage in our work place wellbeing program for our employees. Thank you Naseem, it was great having you. Thank you for teaching everybody a fabulous technique.

    Dhiren Mehta

    Manager at Roundglass Wellbeing Company / Edifecs (Chandigarh)

  • It was really a wonderful experience and has been an honour to receive such an awesome massage course with an experienced and professional trainer. Naseem is a wonderful person and I learnt a lot from him. He teaches many things: how to love, how to spread love and how it will clear your darkness. And especially the technique, especially with the ‘apple’, it’s a wonderful technique and we never saw something like that before. Thank you so much to teach us new things in our life. It will definetly help us in future.

    Arun Anand

    Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and Sport Trainer (Chandigarh)

  • The way Naseem teaches us is awesome. The way he teaches to go into a deep way, and to relax the muscles, and how to use our body with the massage with dance and all: he teaches like you don’t have to stress on your body, you just dance with flow and enjoy your massage. And you will not get the stress.

    Ravindra Singh Gusain

    Ayurvedic Massage Therapist (Chandigarh)

  • The way Naseem teaches us the body movement, and dance massage, well doing massage, with your smile, smile smile love, silent meditation, …
    We have to do it slowly slowly. “The more slow we go, the more deeper we can go”: that I learnt from him.
    Ayurvedic Yoga stretchs Massages is a wonderful experience for my life. Apple! Thank you.

    Chan Kinon

    Ayurvedic Massage Therapist (Chandigarh)

  • “I am food and lifestyle coach, a personal trainer and a corrective exercise specialist. I joined the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to help my clients more and I found that this technique is so beautiful because it combines the Indian deep oil massage with the yoga stretches, so it was such a perfect course. The way that Naseem teaches the course is marvellous. He teaches from the heart and he just gives everything, with love.”

    Zina Fayyad

    Personal Trainer & Food and Lifestyle Coach (California, Jordan)

  • “I am a Reiki master and a body worker. I wanted to take this course because it is a beautiful touch, using Ayurvedic oils and it brings a new dimension to the work that I already do. Working with Naseem was fantastic. He is present, his attention to details, the loving touch, the ‘apple’ that you bring to your massage it’s just out of this world and it creates a massage that is absolutely amazing. So I’m super grateful to Naseem for sharing this with me and I look forward to working with it around the world.”

    Susie Boyle

    Reiki Master (Ireland)

  • “I was doing this technique because I was really interested to learn different ways to heal people and to heal myself. In truth I found Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is very interesting way to take care of somebody. But also to take care of myself because I move in a good way when I give so is a beautiful exchange and a beautiful practice. And Naseem is transmitting this in a nice way , with a lot of love and I’m really thankfull fo this.”

    Elena Loustalot

    Psychologist (Switzerland)

  • “I feel like is a life changing experience, totally. A connection from within towards the outside in a healthy integration and flow. Amazing!”

    Mary Bland

    Massage Therapist and Musician (Ibiza, London)

  • “It has been an amazing experience of life. I’ve been learning not only about Ayurvedic Massage…”

    Michele Minieri

    Architect (Ibiza)

  • “Ibiza is always full of magic and surprises. One of which has been my incredible experience learning the Kusum Modak Method under the guidance of the very talented Naseem Roberto Baffa. This super training reminded me of the key principles of life: soft is the mind (Meditation), keep your heart open, share the love, focus on the breath and derive power from the core. In fact, the same principles that I learned through my martial arts training apply almost equally in this super massage technique. Thank you Naseem for the amazing course!”.

    Andrey Rezaev


  • “It has been ten very emotional days. I feel it has been a life changing experience and I would suggest it to everybody. Thank you Naseem!”

    Milu Grutta

    Musician (Ibiza, Berlin)

  • “It was a wonderful experience. I learned how to use my inner energy, bring it to my hands and make the other person feel nice and relaxed. It was just awesome! And I made new friends, so be part of the course.”

    Patric Bueler

    Massage Therapist (Dusseldorf)


Testimonials about the Treatment

  • “My first massage with Naseem took place in 2013, and I clearly remember experiencing a significant change in my overall self; a change that last for months. My body felt more open, and all the stress and blocked energy that I had been carrying around for months disappeared completely. Being an avid Yoga practitioner, I enjoy much flexibility in my body. I am also very aware of the subtle energy body that often remains blocked and dormant. A massage with Naseem is like experiencing a dance and a synchronicity of the mind, body and soul. The love and energy he puts into his bodywork is unique, and over the years he has become a true healer. I have also experienced AYM with several other therapists, and no one comes close to Naseem’s ability. The reason is simple, his bodywork is his meditation.”

    Radhika Vachani

    Founder of Yogacara Healing Arts & Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Writer (Bombay)

  • “I feel Roberto’s super treatments are a true gift to anyone that will have the fortune of his energy. I am a yoga teacher, so I use my body much for my work, and in 2015 in particular I had two chronic pains one in my neck and the other my hip. Roberto always heals whatever needs to be healed. He spends much time and attention on the parts of you that require regeneration. His super treatments are not for the faint hearted of course. A potent combination of oils and stretching will provide the release of muscular and skeletal energy blocks. I recommend a treatment early evening, followed by a warm bath and your favourite book and left to sleep sweetly all night long and wake up feeling brand you.”

    Jacqueline May Lysycia

    Director of Formentera Yoga & Yoga Teacher (Ibiza, London)

  • “Naseem has a beautiful healing touch, transmitting energy and empathy. I have been revived by Naseem’s treatments on both physical and emotional levels. The combination of variations in bodywork positions, strength and flow creates an intense inner journey. His hands work on the body and talk also to the soul: sometimes vigorous and deep, other times still and light. I am hugely grateful to know Naseem and he is the person I most trust to give healing touch which I feel to restore and heal my temple.”

    Mary Bland

    Bodywork Therapist and Musician (Ibiza, London)

  • “Naseem has a very powerful, intuitive gift when it comes to pressure points and areas of stress and tension. I have been to him several times now and each time I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would describe the treatment as more of a journey than a massage. I found myself mirroring his deep breathing and focusing the mind on each part of the body, understanding the tension than letting it go, literally releasing it. I recommend him whole heartedly!”

    Carl Liederman


  • “A life experience!… This is the massage of the future! Because it brings towards Consciousness…The session is like a journey inside the body, and when you listen to your body it talks to you no lies. You can think and lying with the mind and mouth, but the body is the temple of the heart.”

    Margherita Settembrini

    Fifty years experience as Massage Therapist (Verona)

  • “The most intuitive bodywork treatment I have ever received! Roberto Naseem is a true maestro of his art…. and this is because of his pure and authentic energy. He is dedicated and one feels that vibe coming through his touch. And his treatments are long in duration so Naseem works on every part of your body including the eyes. Best to book 3 in a row.”

    Anita Vaswani

    Creative Consulting & Yoga & Jewels (New York, Bombay)

  • “I have had a number of treatments from Naseem. They are a very relaxing and totally immersive body massage experience. I’m always amazed by the amount of tension that is released during the massage. Each time, I’ve felt completely reinvigorated and in a contented space immediately afterwards. The first 24 hours post treatment, usually leave you feeling lethargic as your body is detoxing and dealing with all the functions that the treatment has stimulated. You will sleep deeply and dream vividly. The following days you start to feel more energised, vibrant and generally light in body and spirit. I would recommend Naseem’s work to anybody, he is a sensitive and gifted practitioner – a true healer.”

    Mark Vincent

    Teacher (London)

  • “Naseem, you promise super-massage and I get super-massage. In fact I get AMAZING super-massage! I have memory issues, my body is out of balance and much too often my body and mind are disconnected. However, your amazing treatment consistantly helped me to become more centred, more aware of my body, more relaxed and flexible. At my age of 83 now, I really really appreciate that. You do an amazing job. You are present with heart and soul in every massage I get from you and you so help me to stay connected in this world, to feel my body and let go of worries. You do an amzing job. I really do want you to come back any time. Amazing!”

    Richard Wolfe

    (San Francisco, Ibiza)

  • “I’ve had pain all over my body and special back problems since a long time. Naseems treatments gave me great relief. His sense for my situation, his dedication to his work, his consistency are extraordinary. Apart from having a real healing impact on my physical constitution, I appreciate his style. Wherever he is, he builds his tipical setting, so that my soul, once we know each other, can rest and flow, healing can take place. Over the years of consistant treatment in blocks of 2 months, he aligned my body and I experience periods of being free from pain. I am very grateful to have met you, Naseem.”

    Claudia Bueler Wolfe

    (San Francisco, Ibiza)

  • “It had been 8 months since I’d been diagnosed with multiple herniated discs in my lower back. 8 months of constant pain, including 3 months of bed rest. Needless to say, I didn’t trust anyone with my back. Somehow, between Naseem’s 16 years of experience, recommendation from another physiotherapist, and most of all his gentle way of being, I found myself requesting him for his ‘super’ Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy.
    I was very skeptical… I shouldn’t have been… I was humbled by his treatment and I am so glad I trusted him. The 2 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Treatment with Naseem felt like cathartic healing for me. It wasn’t a mere body experience, but I felt healed at a body, mind and soul level. I remember feeling like my dis functioning back was taken apart, gently, and put back in place, the way it was meant to be!
    For the first time in 8 months, I couldn’t feel the pain in my back, and all I felt was gratitude. There was a release that had taken place, on both the body level and the mind and soul level. I am not sure if I have words enough for the experience, but I’ll just say that it was a very deep holistic healing experience and I feel really lucky to have received it.
    A few weeks later I also experienced Naseem’s 1 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Treatment, and that was a super treatment as well, but in a completely different way. I felt de-stressed and relaxed post it, and ready to deal with ‘life’. So I guess the 1 hour treatment was an energizing de-stressor that left me rejuvenated. While the 2 hour treatment was a deeper more involved ‘experience’ that worked on the mind-body-soul together and left me feeling ‘healed’, calm and quiet within, and very connected and content with my inner self.
    I feel deeply lucky to have received both treatments, and would unhesitatingly recommend any of Naseem’s treatments to everyone!”

    Natasha Agrawal

    Dance Movement Therapist (Bombay)

  • “I met Naseem in 2013 whilst on holiday in Ibiza – we were introduced by a resident yoga teacher who said he was the best Ayurvedic masseuse she had encountered. I whole heartedly agree and have continued to have treatments with him on his periodic trips to London. The sessions are long and intense and Naseem likes to go slow and deep to release tension. Naseem will tailor his treatment to focus on specificproblem areas, involve the client on choice of oils and colour and is always interested to hear detailed feedback in the days following the massage to tailor future sessions. The aftermath is an amazing sense of relaxation and well being.
    I also especially appreciate that he is willing to travel to my home. This means that I can completely relax and not worry about timings and travelling and also ensures I do nothing afterwards apart from enjoy the full benefits of the treatment. I’d highly recommend massage with Naseem for anyone who enjoys strong bespoke treatments.”

    Pamela Todd


  • “Our last session was an amazing experience for me, it was perhaps the first time I truly had this experience of moving to a ‘non-material’plane. Your incredible energy, rhythm and sensitivity mixed with my own heightened sensitivity after a week fasting and connecting to my body through yoga and meditation (and an almost full moon) was an enormously powerful combination. You were so kind to carry me the whole way through it, the level of love and care you shared with me was very special. I want to thank you for being such an important part in the beginnings of my gentle awakening.”

    Catherine Harwood

    (Melbourne, Moscow)

  • “The moment you lie down on Naseem’s magic carpet, after his greeting “bon voyage”, you enter the void. With the sound of soft indian music in the background, you go on an energetic journey, rejuvenating your body and soul and bringing peace to your mind. Right after, I always feel I need a long sleep to recuperate from the deep internal shifting. It is part of taking care of myself to give my body regularly this treatment, as I am using my body quite intensely for my work. The eyes rubbing is the cherry on the cake. It make me feel that my Kundalini is arising.”

    Opale Carlot

    Yoga Teacher (Ibiza, Paris)

  • “The best massage I have ever received from a man.”

    Coco Bliss

    Yoga & Tantra Teacher and Massage Therapist (Ibiza, Amsterdam)

  • “I love Naseem’s ability to incorporate therapeutic and energetic techniques into his massage, it gives me the space to completely and truly relax. I love how he understands the mind, body and spirit connection during his massage. He is the best massage therapist I have ever met. His personal attention and technique has provided me with a new outlook and attitude. The relief is immediate and longlasting. His intuition is one of his greatest strengths and he always knows what kind of care my body needs. His holistic approach set him apart. I know I am in the hands of a compassionate, professional and talented individual. Only he helps me to tune in to my chi. He has great rhythm with a calming manner and a firm but gentle touch.”

    Sharmila Bharwani


  • “I felt that during the treatment my body had returned to womb like feeling, where I could feel this blood rush through the bodies membranes, embryonic and new. Also, during and after the treatment my mind stopped being a separate entity, which was above and outside of my body, and came together with the physical to feel complete and grounded.”

    Deborah Sim

    Designer (London)

  • “You have healed me on multiple levels. My body has not been this relaxed ever. Your deep tissue massage has stimulated and relaxed muscles, tendons and joints in my body that no massage therapist has even reached before. Your ability to find the tension areas in my entire shoulder and lower back area and ease the stress out of them is amazing. Your dedication is apparent from the fact that you spent an hour20 minutes just on those areas and were able to give me the deep pressure my body requires. I hadn’t realized how stiff the rest of my body was from months of sedentary living and lack of yoga and exercise but your stretches and guidance of correct breathing combined with my open mind and complete trust in you enabled me to stretch to the limit. The stretches have loosened every joint and muscle in my body like never before. Also for an hour after the treatment I could feel the energy moving up and down my spine and it was tingling.
    On a mental level my state of hypomania due to bipolar disorder has reduced considerably in the space of 2.5 hours of the massage and being a healer myself I know you were channeling healing far more powerful than Reiki. There was a very strong presence in my room yesterday that is still working to heal me in my room, that has nurtured and soothed my heart and head chakras and calmed me down to the extent of 2 weeks worth of daily day and night heavy medications. I slept very well last night but woke up early. I’m in a contemplative and meditative mood since then and I attribute it to your healing.
    On a mental level my mind is thinking with a razor sharp clarity as I think you have removed all the excessive negative thoughts and there’s a certain purity in my thought and actions again after many months.
    I will continue to give you feedback.”

    Maleeka Lala


  • “I feel new, with another body, very very light, less weight, my mind is more quiet. Naseem has released a lot of energy in my body. A very deep and sensitive massage with very nice stretches, really a full body massage.”

    Prem Nirava Marielle

    Massage Therapist (Madrid, Ibiza, Goa)

  • “This was not a ‘super’ massage … This was a super super super massage!”

    Elena Simonova

    Interior Designer (Ekaterinburg)

"Be total. Be totally present.
Meditation (Awareness) is the only medicine"

· Osho ·


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