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International bodywork therapist and coach, Reiki Master, performer and dance teacher. Since 1992 he is studying, performing and teaching Contemporary Dance, Dance-Theatre and Contact Improvisation. In 2005 he graduated with honors in Philosophy from Università Statale di Milano with a thesis on “The soul and the dance” in Paul Valéry.
Since 1995 he spends a part of the year living in India where he also practices Yoga, Reiki and Meditation and in 2001 Naseem has trained with the renowned master Kusum Modak in Pune, India, specializing in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM). Naseem has found the AYM method to be very effective at relieving pain and helping people to feel their full energy potential and revitalized at different levels. Since 2014 he is teaching the AYM Method integrating his experience in Dance,Reiki and Meditation.
In 2018 and 2019, in his ongoing research, Naseem traveled three times to New York to study intensively a new bodywork process of Myofascial Release and Structural Alignment (MSA) with the founder and master Usha Heller. The MSA Process is founded on an integrative understanding of natural posture and fluid movement, combined with soft tissue work to realign and free the full skeleton, and has given to Naseem precious knowledge and new effective skills to release the structural causes of most common tensions and chronic pains.
During the summer Naseem is based in Ibiza and in the winter in Goa, where he devotes time to healing arts, dance and meditation. He travels regularly to specific destinations to provide massage treatments and share healing and dance workshops: in Europe (Ibiza, London, Milan, Paris, Switzerland, Sweden, Moscow) and in India (Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi). Naseem enjoys to recharge with the sea and the sun whilst at home, and travels professionally and enjoys to share his philosophy.


"The spirit grows the more it sinks its roots into the matter"

· Paul Valéry ·


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