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AYM Treatment

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) is tailored to suit all, it brings benefit to every body, all ages and any shape or size.
Children and elderly, athletes and dancers as well as office workers and the sedentary are welcome to enjoy the curative touch.
The AYM Treatment re-establishes health and alignment, and encourages a supple body and a calm mind.
Particularly good if you have a busy schedule and feel the need to regain energy and balance.


Naseem shares an integrative treatment
process towards maintaining:




AYURVEDIC YOGA MASSAGE (AYM) with Naseem is a deep relaxing and therapeutic manual treatment
that combines slow and deep Ayurvedic massage with essential oils and Yoga-based stretching therapy, Myofascial Release and ancient Energy work, in a complete rejuvenating and body alignment process.

The AYM method was created by the master Kusum Modak in Pune, India, who has developed the Indian traditional Ayurvedic Massage introducing different stretches and ‘passive asanas’ coming from Yoga, learnt directly from the master B.K.S. Iyengar. Naseem trained directly with Kusum Modak in 2001 and 2002 and then introduced techniques from Thai massage, Shaitsu and Lymphatic drainage to stimulate the different body’s systems.


Naseem has twenty six years experience in bodywork as Contemporary and Contact Dance teacher and performer and his professional life as a dancer gives him an in-depth understanding in body movement and familiarity with touch. The flow of Reiki energy is also combined during each session to stimulate, harmonize and balance also the more subtle energies of the body.


Since 2018 Naseem integrates in his treatments the original method of Myofascial Structural Alignment learned with the master Usha Heller in New York. The MSA process is founded on a clear and integrated understanding of natural posture and efficient movement and combines myofascial release and assisted movements to facilitate realignment of the full skeleton and release the structural causes of most common tensions and chronic pains.



Promotes and harmonizes the flow of the vital energy (Prana) and induces a deep sense of relaxation, awareness and openness
Eliminates stress and disperses toxins stored in muscles, skin and organs
Improves respiratory and metabolic regulation
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
Nourishes, tones and firms the skin
Relaxes and releases tensions and pain, improves muscle elasticity and flexibility of the spine and all joints
Releases the muscles deep realigning the body’s structure, increases the range of movement and guides to a healthy posture
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is carried out on a cushioned floor, much like Shiatsu and Traditional Thai massage.
This thorough treatment generally takes between one and two hours and always covers the entire body.
Immediate benefits will be noticed on the physical, psychological-emotional and spiritual levels.

“… A massage with Naseem is like experiencing a dance
and a synchronicity of the mind, body and soul…”

Visit also the TESTIMONIALS page to read feedbacks about other benefits and positive ‘side effects’…

"We are One"

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"When I touch you, my mind is empty.
All the bodies that I have touched have been ‘my books’."

· Kusum Modak ·


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